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You will receive your card on your first visit to the library. Please allow 24-48 hours to complete the procedure. To activate the card to check out books, you will need to present a photo ID at one of the Haywood County branch libraries. The photo ID must reflect your current address. Minors must appear with a parent in order to activate a card. Call the Library at 828.452.5169 if you have questions.

When you press SUBMIT REGISTRATION, you are agreeing to the following:
  • I agree to observe all rules established by the library and will be responsible for all materials borrowed on this card, with or without my permission.
  • I agree to pay fines or other charges imposed for late return, loss, or mutilation of library materials or equipment.
  • I will notify the library if my card is lost or stolen or if my name or address is changed.
  • I agree to follow the library's policies regarding appropriate use of computers.
  • If a guardian, I give permission for my child to use the computers and to access the Internet at the Haywood County Public Library. I understand that I must monitor my child's appropriate use of the Internet and that I am responsible for any damage that may occur through my child's use of computers in the library.
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